is the Brooklyn
based Illustration
studio founded in 2009, by
CalArts alum Lorin Brown.
Studio work 💡 exists as
posters and prints ✰ books & magazines ✰
on apparel and accessories ✰
as skateboard graphics ✰ on album covers ✰
on various websites & mobile devices ✰ a few times on television ✰
and more...
Past & current
client work includes:
2K by Gingham, Arkitip, Band of Outsiders,
Beautiful/Decay Anthology, Beck,
Better Than Ezra, Bloomberg Businessweek,
Color Magazine, Commonwealth Stacks, Faesthetic Magazine, Good Magazine, HUF, IKO IKO, KesselsKramer,
Michael Leon Studio, Mod Thread, Nike, RedCat, Sims Snowboards,
Studio Nommo, Stussy and Stussy Deluxe,
The New York Times Company,
Threadless Select, Rowena Sartin,
UARM, Veeka Cycling & Urban Outfitters.
...and sometimes Linkedin
He enjoys comedy, burgers, music, Best Buy, the NBA, and has an Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell named Oskar 🐶
👀 view some studio projects here.